The cart race at Ururi is perhaps linked with the institution of the feast of the Wood of the Cross, a relic of Christ's Cross that was brought to Italy by Saint Helena.
The most emotion-packed moment in the preparation is on the eve of the feastday, when the traditional hymn of the cart race is sung, a hymn passed down by the choir members over the ages. On the day of the race, 3 May, the carts are driven up in front of the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie where, in absolute silence, the oxen, the carters and the riders are blessed.
Then the carts, followed by their supporters, head for the starting line where they are arranged in order of merit, depending on their performance the year before, at a distance of 20 to 25 metres from one another.
The air is tense; tension can be read on the faces of the partecipants and even the oxen seem to feel the importance of this moment; they are held back by a group of people who let them go only when the starting order is given. This is the most exciting moment: the oxen burst furiously forward and the countryside is filled with shouts of encouragement.
The carts race towards the town where everyone is waiting in trepidation; the people packing the streets are ready to move quickly as the competitors pace by, cheering on the oxen and the carters, while others follow the race from their balconies, windows or rooftops.
The next day the wimming cart has the honour of carrying the sacred relics through the streets of the town.

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