The most popular festivity at Termoli is the Regatta of Saint Basso, held every year on 3 August, which is one of the most important events at Termoli in August.

The most exciting and spectacular moment is the procession "on the sea"; the statue, placed on a richly decorated boat, is carried out to sea, followed by a fleet of fishing boats carrying the faithful.

The procession, which is also accompanied the harbour after a brief trip on the sea. At sunset the statue of the Saint, which has remained up till then on the boat, is carried in procession along the streets of the fishing village.

The ceremony ends at the fish market where the Patron's statue remains until next morning when, the festivities continue "on land". The ritual has been repeated for centuries to recall the old legend that tells of the miraculous finding, by a group of fishermen, of a sarcophagus containing the Saint's relics.

The purpose of this fascinating, spectacular ceremony is to ask the Saint to protect the fishermen and to ensure that they have a safe and plentiful catch.

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