A ritual quite different from the others, the "Parade of Riflemen", is held at San Giuliano del Sannio on 9 May, on the feast of Saint Nicholas, patron of the town.

The tradition probably dates back to Garibaldi's entry into the town in 1860, an event hailed by a salvo of shots fired by the townspeople of San Giuliano, or so the story goes.

This is a real parade of military origin, which since last century has formed the guard of honour for the Saint on his feast day.

In previous years the riflemen shot in unison during the procession; now they begin their ritual after the High Mass, as the statue leaves the church.

Marching in fours, the riflemen accompany the Saint along the route of the procession, firing their shots to the rhythm of the music played by the band.

The weapons used were bought in Brescia, but some antique rifles are used too, the oldest of which is said to be of Garibaldi's time.

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