The tradition of the "Palio delle Quercigliole" springs from a legend that tells of a race run to celebrate the miraculous fall of snow in the height of summer, on 5 August, attributed to the Madonna of the Snow.

On 12 August the participants in the race gather at Cannavina, close to a wood; the jockeys ride bare-back and start off from the area known as "Colle Matteo", about a kilometre and a half from the church which is the destination of the competition.

The race is run on flat terrain, all except the last 200 metres. It is an elimination race, with two heats and a final. The rider who wins the race has the privilege of entering the Madonna's chapel, with his horse, to worship before her holy image.

In this event we can feel all the faith and tension of mediaeval tournaments and the riders' desire to excel and bring glory to their own districts.

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