Although the Grape Fair only began in the Thirties, on account of its intrinsic significance it can certainly be traced back to the old cult of Bacchus.

The celebration of the grape harvest, accompanied by singing and dancing in honour of the life-giving forces of Nature, has been transformed over the years into a popular feast rich in symbols and propitiatory themes.

On a date between September and October, the carts pass through the streets rich in history and atmosphere.

The elements used for the bearing structures are vine shoots laden with grapes. The men and women riding on the carts mime the principal phases of work in the vineyard or enact scenes from daily life.

Taking part in this fair means exalting man's toil and at the same time having a day away from everyday activities.

The freedom of gestures and words, the traditional songs and music, take us back to a bucolic and serene world, rich in friendship and brotherhood.

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