A small ski resort, ideal for beginners and those seeking the tranquillity of nature. The vast snowfields of the surrounding peaks are intensely rewarding for heliski enthusiasts.

Valgrisenchebegins at Leverogne, a characteristic medieval village, and continues right up to the border with Val d'Isère. The highest peaks of the watershed crest are the Grande Sassièere (3751 m.) and Rutor (3486 m.). The sides of the valley are covered with dense coniferous forests whilst numerous glaciers nestle among the peaks. In the past the village of Valgrisenche (1664 m.) was an important resting place for those wishing to cross the Col du Mont in the direction of the French region of Tarentaise. You can still see the remains of the complex defence system used to ward of invasions. Today Valgrisenche is a winter resort with some medium length downhill runs and an attractive cross-country track. The valley's slopes and glaciers give you the chance to follow ski climbing excursions and to practise heliski. The area is particularly well-known for its production of "draps", on display in the permanent exhibition set up in the main village: these are traditional pieces of cloth hand woven on the old looms of the valley with wool previously matted in water and beaten with wooden spatulas. The tasty local cuisine offers dishes based on mountain produce and the vintage red and white wines of the Comunità Montana del Grand Paradis.