The village of Rhêmes-Saint-Georges is built at an altitude of 1218 metres on a high plain overlooking the valley, and lies some 21 kilometres away from Aosta.
Records of early human settlements are scarce but recent archeological excavations support the hypothesis that this area was already inhabited in the late Bronze Age.
In the Middle Ages Rhêmes-Saint-Georges belonged to the Sarriod family of Introd.
The parish church was built in around 800 and is the oldest in the valley.
Rhêmes-Saint-Georges is a peaceful village which offers the visitor the possibility of studying animal life in the Gran Paradiso National Park, in particular the chamois and ibexes which in cold weather descend to graze close to the villages. Piolet-traction enthusiasts will find excellent ice falls in the gorges. Equipped with binoculars, "birdwatchers" will spot several interesting species. The paths around the villages are also ideal for horse trekking. The villages which surround Rhêmes-Saint-Georges still possess numerous examples of traditional architecture.