It is sited in a splendid position at a height of 1723 metres and lies 30 kilometres away from Aosta at the centre of a flat area of the valley. The main town is 20 kilometres away from the Tourist Information Office run by the Grand Paradis Mountain Community at the mouth of the valley (Villeneuve). There is little historical information about Rhêmes-Notre-Dame, but an important date is 1650, the year in which the parish church was built; prior to this the congregation had to travel to Rhêmes-Saint-Georges to take part in religious services.
Rhêmes-Notre-Dame is a tourist centre with several hotels and restaurants offering an excellent hospitality. Downhill skiers can use two ski-lifts to reach the slopes of Chanavey and above the main town. Cross-country skiing is available on nationally approved tracks (3-5-7.5 km), whereas a cross-country ski run extends as far the Benevolo Refuge, the starting point for a number of splendid alpine skiing trips. Piolet-traction enthusiasts will find ample opportunities to practice their sport on the numerous ice falls. The alpine skiing tour to the vallone dell'Entrelor (2600 m.) is especially noteworthy. Chamois, ibexes and eagles from the Gran Paradiso National Park and the Rossi di Montelera Reserve can be seen around the villages.