Skiing under the enchanted spell of the Gran Paradiso National Park. Ideal downhill runs and cross-country skiing tracks for the most demanding of ski enthusiasts. Ancient villages in a natural oasis where the snow lasts until the late spring.

Dedicated to naturalists, cross-country skiers and ice climbers,Rhêmes Valley often offers unique moments: glimpsing one of the many examples of the rich and varied wild life in its natural habitat. Even skiing, in fact, you can come across chamois goats and ibexes in the woods; and a rare surprise for the careful observer, the sight of the majestic lammergeyer, with its wing span of almost three metres. The Rhêmes Valley road begins at Villeneuve (670 m.) and, after Introd, with its typical circular-planned castle and the 15th century farmhouse of Ola, you reach Rhêmes-Notre-Dame (1723 m.). On your geographical right extends the territory of the Gran Paradiso National Park, which reaches the glacier of Punta Galisia, where it meets with France's Vanoise National Park. Here, the downhill slopes, served by some ski-lifts, wind through the woods of Chanavey. But this resort is famous for its long, technical track for cross-country skiers which with its 15 kilometres can satisfy the most demanding of ski enthusiasts.
Rhêmes Valley is however a must for ski climbers. There are in fact numerous and infinitely satisfying possible itineraries, some of which have become classics and are internationally famous. Among these can be mentioned the demanding ascent to the Cima di Entrelor and the easier excursion to the Benevolo mountain refuge. For real enthusiasts there is an incomparable venue for ice-climbing with over 50 forzen waterfalls of indisputable fame. Attractive hotels and restaurants, situated near the downhill runs and cross-country tracks, make visitors warmly welcome.